Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Embroidered Baby Shoes

If you are my sister-in-law please look away because you haven't actually received this gift yet...

I have a sweet new niece who shares her name with a beautiful flower, so I've been working on a special gift for her.

(Which of course means that I meant to have this done before she was born, but instead it has been a slow work-in-progress. But the shoes are done, and the dress and bonnet will hopefully be soon. Let's just say I'm glad I decided to make it in a 3-6 month size!)

I used the sweet little Wayfarer Shoes pattern by Twig and Tale, and I actually was so surprised at how easily these sewed up. It was so fast! Well, it was fast once I first finished the embroidery...ha. I freehanded the embroidery pattern, and I did it before cutting the toe piece out.

I used an old blouse of mine for the top part of the shoe (the ivory swiss dot) and the rest of the shoe is done in a light purple linen blend.

This pattern suggested doing little folded ribbon tags at the backs of the shoes to help get them on and off. For some reason this little detail is just the sweetest thing to me. I think it helps give them an extra touch and make them look a little more professional.

Now that I know how simple these shoes are to make I have more planned as baby shower gifts. There is a cute animal version as well which I'm excited to try (here)! Thankfully these patterns aren't just for babies either, so I'm planning a few pairs for the cub, too.

I actually love doing embroidery and wish I did more of it. Doing this was relaxing and reminded me that I need to set aside time every now and then to do some needlework.


  1. I am running out of adjectives to compliment your sewing prowess. WOW!
    These are SO cute! I also love your photography, especially with the indirect
    light off on the right. So Professional. Darling. Followed the link to the
    animal booties, too. They will be awesome, just adorable. With moving, I don't
    know how you found the time. Go Girl!
    Love, Mom F

  2. Those booties are precious! The embroidery is beautiful. I love doing needlework too!