Friday, July 28, 2017

Christmas in July - A Michael Miller Fabric and Sewing Portfolios Blog Tour!

I have a fun post to share today, compliments of this really awesome site I joined a few months ago, called Sewing Portfolios! This site is a really great way to connect with pattern and fabric companies. As an individual you can create a portfolio page to showcase your own work, which helps you apply for tester calls, blog tours, etc.  It provides a great way to collaborate within the sewing community worldwide, which I think is so neat.

So speaking of great collaborations, I'm a Sewing Portfolios Ambassador and so was sent some fabric by Sewing Portfolios and Michael Miller Fabrics. I didn't know what fabric I was going to be receiving, but was so excited to open the box and find some Sarah Jane Nutcracker fabric! I have loved Sarah Jane's designs for years and even have her printable Nutcracker puppet set that is so similar to this fabric line. Her illustrations are so sweet (we used a set of her 12 month illustrations in the cub's room on the wall, and I have a few other pieces of her fabric waiting for the perfect project, too) and her colors and patterns are always right up my alley.

It's a big of a trick to turn my Christmas brain on in July, but gave it a shot. I used two yards of the fabric to make a fabric box, with the hope that it could hold our Christmas books when we bring them out in December. I used the sturdy fabric basket pattern from Craftsy and sized it up a lot. The pattern includes instructions to make the basket any size, but after doing this I would not recommend sizing it up as much as I did. My finished basket is 15x10x10. The basket is not nearly as sturdy as I'd like, though it does hold the books okay. I used Pelton 72F interfacing on the inside, it was just so large and hard to wrangle. (Not to mention I made several errors along the way, the hazards of trying to hurry!)

I do love this fabric! It has the prettiest metallic details. The illustrations are just so darling. I think I will be getting more to play around with, I think a set of mommy/daughter aprons would be the perfect touch for our Christmas baking this December!

You can see how the box bows ever so slightly. Perhaps it's just not ideal for books, maybe I can figure out something else to store in it. The patterns also suggests using an old belt to make leather handles on the side, so I'm going to keep my eye out for the perfect one. 

I had intended to style a nice photograph, perhaps with the fire going in the background. However we just moved into a new condo and it has been a really rough move, so things are still everywhere and I just didn't have the energy to do so. So please pretend that there is a crackling fire and a sparkling tree (okay, I was never actually going to pull my tree out and put it up in July). 

I still have plans for the final fabric I got in my package, but probably won't actually be sewing that one up for a bit. I have so many things on my sewing list, but first need to get actually moved in!

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  1. That really is a nice project to show off the pretty designs.
    Maybe you can avoid the bowing of the box by putting the books in a sturdier but less high crate and use this pretty one as a cover?

  2. This is such a wonderful way to display the border print! I really do love it!

  3. I think Nathalie V's idea is a great one--it's such a cute box!