Wednesday, November 22, 2017

An Evergreen Dress

I bought myself a pine green dress last month, jersey knit with a gathered skirt. Then I found a similar jersey fabric and decided the cub and I need a little more mommy and me matching in our lives, so I decided to make her a dress to go with mine.

I used Little Lizard King's newest pattern, the Wimberly dress. It has a ruched detail option for the sleeves and there are two skirt options, a gathered circle with a ruffle and a simple skirt. I did the simple skirt for this one, primarily because I'm not super great with knit fabric and "simple" sounded more my speed. This dress also has a sweet little scoop in the back that I just love.

I made a size 2 with a little extra length added (little cub falls right between 2 and 3 for height on the size chart).

I'm fairly happy with how this turned out. I still see tons of areas where I need improvement when sewing with knits, but the only way to get better is to keep going, so I refuse to be discouraged. I need to work more on not having wavy hems and not letting my fabric stretch a little bit as I go! I think my next move will be buying a double needle and seeing if that helps my hems, if anyone has any more advice on things to try please share!

The cub has decided this dress is comfortable, and she's happy with it. Jeff thinks the sleeves give it a bit of an 80s vibe - not a bad thing, right? Now I need to get my dress on and we can go out and paint the town green!

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  1. Beautiful, charming, elegant! You are rearing a child
    model, as well as being an excellent photographer.
    Way to go, Linnea!
    Mom F.